When you decide to create your own video platform or VOD site, there are two possibilities: develop it yourself or outsource its creation.

Each of the two options has its advantages and disadvantages. But here, we will explain why using a service provider specializing in the development of streaming services or VOD / SVOD platforms can be an excellent alternative.

1. Costs reduction 

By outsourcing, you will be in the hands of experts who have experience in setting up streaming platforms. Starting from an existing technology saves you the hassle of redeveloping an existing system (as you know: “no need to reinvent the wheel”). Coding your own platform in-house indeed gives you more flexibility, but it is also a considerable budget.

Providers who offer this type of service benefit from significant economies of scale by multiplying their customers.

Another point: you will also reduce your expenses to pay only for what you need, for example, you will not be obliged to take servers that you use only partially. You will only pay for what you really use. Likewise, if you want to upload 200 hours of content, you will only pay for hosting these hours.

Often costs are known and guarantee to you in advance, so that you can adjust your budget and avoid bad surprises.


2. Saving time

Digital technology is not always easy to understand. Outsourcing the creation of your platform prevents you from going into the unknown and allows you to focus on production/acquisition video contents, communication and marketing efforts.

Writing technical specifications, finding and recruiting a development team, choosing a computer language, finding the best service providers for the various bricks (payment gateway, servers, CDN, video player  etc…) are crucial and very time-consuming tasks.

Another important point: time to market. Passing through an existing service will save you a lot of time for your launch. Thanks to OKAST, some of our customers have launched VOD platforms offering several hundred hours of video content in less than a week. In contrast, some companies that wanted to develop their own platforms took months or even years to launch their product.


3. Optimize service quality

Developing your own video platform means taking the risk of making a mistake, or creating a product that doesn’t fit expectations. However, by subcontracting, you are going through an expert in the sector, a company who already develop and test many video platforms, and thus, know how to create a quality product.

In the field of video streaming: creating VOD platforms requires a very specific user experience, with different needs from a simple online site or e-commerce shop. Using the tools of a specialized company, with teams coming from the audiovisual and entertainment industry, can really make the difference.  

From a performance point of view, going through a service provider allows you to benefit from infrastructures of very high quality, and therefore more efficient.

Moreover, using an existing solution allows you to benefit from the latest technological innovations. Working with a company that already has many customers allows you to avoid the pitfalls and/or bugs already experienced. It’s like benefiting from a platform already tested by a very large number of users.

When we know cost of consumer studies, and other customer tests, this can definitely worth it!

4. Quality of service and maintenance

One of the advantages is to be able to count on the service provider in case of any technical problems, he will have to put all its resources to solve the problem in a short time, because its reputation is at stake.

You won’t always have a team available to solve technical problems, so having a service provider can definitely help you.

Also, if you internalize the creation of your platform, you must integrate maintenance and updates tasks which can slow you down in the development of new features.


5. A guarantee of safety

Security is expensive, it’s a fact. By outsourcing your platform, you avoid any possible complications in terms of payment or the security of your video content. Service providers are prepared for this and have the necessary protections to secure your content and data. 


6. Tax optimization and accounting

It can be very interesting to outsource your platform also for fiscal reasons. Computer hardware (servers etc.) has a high cost that is difficult to finance in the long term. For some people is a real and significant investment. On the other hand, outsourcing makes it possible to “rent” this IT equipment. It is sometimes very interesting to transform some “material assets” to external expenses.

The same applies to staff expenses. Some payroll taxes are sometimes very expensive, and invoicing a service provider every month allows to save lot of money.


7. Product development

One of the great advantages of using a service provider, especially in SAAS mode, is that you can benefit from product updates and upgrades. This way, your platform will benefit from new features at no additional costs. Delegate R&D is often a winning bet.

Technology is evolving, so you must ensure your product will always be up to date on all devices and browsers.


8. Sustainability of your service

Using a service provider to create your OTT platform or your VOD site allows you to bet on the future. If you create your project there is always the risk that your developer or team will leave you, and it will be difficult to get the project taken over by another team.

In addition, whatever your growth, you will always be able to scale because specialized solutions, such as OKAST for example, manage projects of very different dimensions and are able to accompany you in your worldwide development.

Delegating the technical part to professionals can be very reassuring, not only for your clients but also for your investors!

Starting a VOD service or an OTT platform is more complex than you think. Knowing how to surround yourself is certainly the key to success, at least on the technical side. At OKAST, we have developed expertise with more than 80 video platforms launched worldwide. Delegating the technical aspect is essential to be able to concentrate on what really matters : editorialization and marketing strategies to promote your platform.

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