We are really proud to launch a very new HTML 5 video player on OKAST!


No surprises: it is faster, more robust and gives access to high quality streaming on all devices and browsers… It also comes with a bunch of super cool features:


  • Adjustable quality and rapidity: give your clients the choice to select which definition and which quality they want for their videos


  • You can get access to the video information in one click while playing in fullscreen


  • Picture in Picture: the video remains visible on your page regardless of the navigation on the page or in other pages of the browser. Pretty useful for the people willing to keep on surfing and listening to the video at the same time! Know more here


  • Chromecast & Airplay: your clients can watch their videos on their TVs through  Chromecast or Airplay technology


  • Personalization: you can customize the player (buttons you want to display, colors…) or you can even insert your logo within the player (Premium feature, contact us for more info)


  • Share: your viewers can easily share what they’re watching in one click


  • Like: your clients can have a quick access to their favorite contents


  • Subtitles: give your clients the opportunity to choose the language of the subtitles


  • Virtual reality: yes our player does accept VR contents!


Contact us for more at hello@okast.tv 🙂