At OKAST we have deployed a new content distribution architecture to offer optimal streaming regardless of the location of your content and your audience. We offer 2 different systems to fit the needs of our customers:


  • Standard system: A global CDN is set up (global content delivery system) in order to offer your videos throughout the world as simply as possible from a single server located in a region (in our standard configuration we locate this server in Europe, but we can change location according to your needs). To function optimally, this system requires video content to be available in the CDN’s “caching system”, i.e. stored on a server close to the request in order to speed up reception and display. This CDN is common to all OKAST clients.


  • Custom System: We allow you to deploy your own server infrastructure as well as your own CDN. By duplicating your content on buckets (content compilation system) around the world, you can store your content in servers closer to your customers and optimize display speed (and therefore streaming) to distribute your videos in the best conditions. We can offer up to 11 different buckets, spread all over the world, so that your content is always available in no time no matter where your clients are.



Custom infrastructure is possible for our VIP plan clients, for more information please contact us at