Netflix 7 march 2018Data released by the European Audiovisual Observatory has given yet more acknowledgement of the power of subscription video-on-demand in the overall pay on-demand market, representing 66% of total 2016 service revenue, compared with only 11% in 2011.
The Trends in the EU SVOD market – 2017 Edition report calculated that such a penetration meant that 38.7 million Europeans in the EU had subscribed to SVOD by the end of 2016 with Northern Europe, particularly Scandinavia, showing the greatest SVOD adoption rates. The average penetration of SVOD among TV households was 17% for EU27 in 2016, and 14% for greater Europe.

Four out of the top five countries in terms of penetration of SVOD were Scandinavian countries. There were 43.5 million SVOD subs in greater Europe. The average annual growth rate of the number of subscribers between 2011 and 2016 was 55.5% for the EU 27 countries and 54.2% for Europe as a whole.



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