If you are a company or a brand, there are many ways to interact with your customers or collaborators, and one of the most popular ones is the organization of streaming events (corporate streaming). But what exactly is corporate streaming?

First of all, a quick reminder of what live streaming technology is, also known as live video and audio transmission. Streaming works by storing video or audio data in a buffer (temporary storage system) on the user’s computer. This buffer stores a set amount of data for the duration of the user’s session, and then is automatically and permanently destroyed when the session expires.

Streaming has enabled many activities to evolve, especially in the field of communication. For example, many corporate events can now be 100% virtual, while maintaining a high level of engagement and interaction of the participants.

These events, organized by companies, are part of what is called corporate streaming.


What types of events are possible with corporate streaming?

Some of the events that are typically found in corporate streaming include:

  • business events with customers or partners (e.g. webinars or live streaming product launches)
  • online press conferences for journalists
  • internal work sessions
  • board meetings and/or shareholder meetings
  • internal communication operations with employees: internal talk show etc.



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For a successful corporate streaming event, you need to have the necessary infrastructure in place: camera equipment, support staff, service providers, a good internet uplink, etc. Other criteria are essential to ensure the quality of your corporate stream, let’s look at the list.


How to organize the production and transmission of a corporate streaming event?

In general, organizing corporate streaming events requires a lot of organization. There are many factors that need to be considered when producing a virtual event or corporate streaming video, but some of them should definitely not be overlooked:


  • Professional video production

Specialized internal teams or an audiovisual production company are the basis for a successful corporate streaming event. These people will be in charge of the video capture but also of the direction (if there are several cameras, or text inserts on the screen for example), to ensure a dynamic video. Don’t skimp on these key resources. Don’t forget to include a person in charge of the streaming: from the shooting to the encoding, and of course the streaming on the platform. This person can also guarantee a backup stream in case of connection problems or signal failure.



  • The Streaming platform

Choosing the best broadcasting tool for live streaming of corporate events is essential. Social media (YouTube Live or Facebook Live) is always an effective option, as it allows easier contact with prospects and customers. However, it is difficult to set up access (e.g. allow login via email address and password) or to retrieve important data, such as: who viewed the event, for how long, etc. Choosing a good technology partner for streaming is imperative: if the “form” is bad (poor quality streaming, non-responsive platform, mediocre design, not very easy to use), your audience might lose interest in the “substance” and miss the value of your corporate event.


  • Communication prior to the digital event

The success of a corporate stream lies in a good promotion of the event. Use all the networks at your disposal, internal (emailing) or external (social networks). In any case, you will have to send the users to a page where they can register to receive notifications, and where they can ideally add the event in their calendar. Then, you will have to send emails to the registered users with the live streaming connection information, and a reminder a few days and a few hours before the event.


  • Interaction with your audience

A live streaming event is all the more successful if it integrates a social and interactive dimension. Participants must be able to react to the event, comment, or ask questions. To organize efficient corporate streaming, you need to integrate an interactive chat tool into your broadcasting platform, easy to use. But also offer question and answer sessions or live votes.


  • The participation of experts

To make the event attractive, don’t hesitate to invite recognized experts in the topics you are covering or important people in the company (directors or managers) who will speak with passion about the subjects they master. If you sometimes look at the cast before choosing a movie, the same goes for corporate streaming events.



If you respect these good practices in your streaming activities for your company, you will be sure to propose quality events with a high interaction rate from your audience. If you are looking for a powerful streaming solution for your company, allowing:

  • to offer a premium platform with your branding
  • to collect and keep all the data from your viewers
  • to manage the access to the contents
  • to propose an interactive live chat module

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