Multi-Platform Content Video Distribution : Next Big Thing

Most multi-channel networks are now focused on becoming multi-platform networks. Multi-Platform Content Video Distribution across multiple platforms, not just YouTube. These mobile-focused new media companies initially birthed and aggregated their videos as channels on YouTube only.

The new MPN game for most is to now initially build mass audiences on YouTube, but then take those audiences and monetise them off YouTube. That’s why these MPNs seek the widest spray of their video programming across the widest array of distribution platforms.

Video creators with community across platforms are also a great fit for brands engaging in multi-channel marketing. Multi-platform offers a rapidly growing opportunity to align with brands on multi-channel marketing campaigns which deliver greater impact and bring larger revenue than single platform ad revenue.

Brands have long understood that a diversity of marketing mix translates to a broader reach and deeper relationship with consumers. The intimate and personal relationship short-form video creators have with their audience across platforms drives deeper affinity than merely the top-of-mind recall created by interstitial advertising on TV.

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