Some even say: more and more people pirate and download latest Hollywood movies for free, why pay for content from artists or creators whose means of production are much lower?

And so far, the general belief is not always right.

Today, many people buy or is ready to buy video content. Here are some reasons:

1. Reward for quality content.

>> The form:

Quality does not rhyme with of important means of production. Important: have a background and a neat shape. On the bottom, we’ll further in the article. On the form, no mystery: quality material and preparation are required. A beautiful image, beautiful light, his own. Nobody will buy content that is not treated. This is the basis.

On the other hand, many people will be willing to reward the particular aesthetics of a content or technical work. Invest in quality equipment, is the assurance of a return on investment.

>> Background:

The key word: bring a profit real, likely to cause an act of purchase: for example, the content entertaining, funny, educational, emotional or committed. Content that support a good cause also. Think about what you want to bring to the Viewer. If there is a true value, then he’ll pay.

2. Access to the value added or alternative content:

>> Niche content:

Everyone or almost has a passion. Many are willing to pay for content that deals with his passion or his centers of interest. Content that offer real benefits have a real value as they meet a need that doesn’t exist anywhere else, at least not on the mainstream media. These people will pay for this content that meets their expectations, but they will also pay to support you, and give you the means to continue to fuel their passion.

>> Community content or at cross-purposes:

This is a corollary to the previous point. Some minorities do not feel represented by the mainstream media. Some people think that no influence and independent content cannot exist if advertisers pays.

A good reason for your audience to pay: access to unique, true and independent content.

3. Being part of a community.

This feeling is unique. Being surrounded by people who share your theme, your positions, your passion is immeasurably soothing and comforting. Being part of a community, is part of a family. If you manage to gather a community around your content, you bond with it, then the members of this community weave also links between them, which multiply the emotional connection associated with your content. Nothing is stronger than a group who share beliefs and values, around a project or a passion. And for these people, pay for content is quite natural and legitimate.

If you are interested, feel free to download our Guide on how to manage a community

4. Encourage an artist or a designer and not a multinational impersonal.

Yes some illegally download movies of big-budget movies. Is it so hard to monetize content in the lower budget? And maybe NOT.

First, because those who download are probably not your target.

Then, because it is essential to understand that we are not in the same kind of relationship. Sell to its audience, it’s a direct link from the creator to the Viewer. It is a personal, almost intimate relationship.

By communicating on astronomical figures (the million dollar budget, the billions of dollars generated by the box office etc.), the all powerful Hollywood studios often release a negative image, or cash is King and consumerism pushed to the extreme. Therefore, difficult to forge an emotional bond with their ‘customers’, or generate any guilt for illegal download actions…

Buy on OKAST, directly to the creator or producer, is more than an act of purchase or a simple transaction. It’s a personal investment in an artist or a creator, it’s a commitment, a reward and an encouragement to continue. And perhaps also insurance of being not only a ‘customer’ among many others.

So yes, people will buy your content, for these a few good reasons… But there are many others. And besides, it is no coincidence if the audiovisual projects are the first category funded participatory financing sites (see the statistics of Ulule or Kickstarter).

Go ahead and sell your content on OKAST.

The Team OKAST.

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