Is it possible to challenge the VOD giants such as Netflix or its direct competitor, as Amazon Premium Video? Why some niche VOD services such as MUBI or Fandor continue to grow and new one, like VODD, Afrostream or Spicee platforms, popping up days after days?

Actually, none of these services challenge directly Netflix, they are more complementary offerings. They also have many differences that make them unique (or even necessary)!

You guessed, at OKAST, VOD is one of our passions 🙂 So here are some reasons to believe (and subscribe) in these more thematic platforms :

# To find content you will never see on Netflix

Some films will never be found on Netflix, because of commercial potential, or difficulty of deal with rights holders in each countries of the world. Current Affair, Investigation, Old movies, Indie movies, shorts, or lifestyle content can’t be find on Netflix!

# For a different experience

These different platforms provide naturally different user experiences. For example MUBI voluntarily offers only 30 films a month. VODD offers only a few thematic categories and can pick a movie for you if you don’t have any idea via the “Surprise me” button. Spicee allows you to view content based on the time you have etc…

With these platforms, you are not sailing in an ocean of movies and series. You know why you are here, what you are expecting, and usually… You are rather well served!

# To get a selection of most critical movies

Unlike Netflix, niche VOD platforms do not use algorithms… And it’s actually great ! Offering  a pick handed selection, carefully, on a more traditional way is a total different experience. These sites offer us a nice personal choice but not only. Their choices are often based on the critical aura of films or their cult like the MUBI platform. Indexed movies are also chosen depending of their selection into festival, like VODD or Fandor do. It’s a bit like going to the bookshop of the neighborhood rather than ordering on Amazon the latest bestseller (because it’s featuring on the Home Page… with all best sellers !).

# For their expertise

By specializing in a category, for example horror movies for Shudder or current affairs for Spicee, their recommendations become more reliable. They earn a form of expertise in their field and can position itself as a true media!

# To close (and the community)

Because of their thematic, niche VOD platforms engage communities and active customers with contents they are passionated about… Therefore, they can create real communities, much more than a simple passive audience that consumes “mechanically”. Afrostream has built its success partly thanks to this…

The power of community is extremely powerful for publishers or creators and create numbers of benefits : promotion by fans, recommendations, suggestions for improvement, creativity etc… Thematic platforms customers can find a real family with other subscribers to the service and a true sense of belonging.

# Because there is room for everyone in the world 🙂

Latest trends in US show that people subscribe to multiple streaming services simultaneously: 64% of households subscribe to OTT services, and already 75% of youth between 26 and 32 are subscribers to 3 streaming services [1]

Subscribe to Netflix (for example) + 2 other thematic services in connection with our own passions is therefore not only possible (as far as the prices of these services are very affordable) but also in the era of the time!

You are interested in creating a niche VOD service (without costing you an arm)? We’re here for it:

[1] Deloitte Digital democracy survey, 10th edition :

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