We are really proud to deploy a brand new version of our HTML 5 video player.

Why is it so cool?

🚀 3x faster to load !

😎 3x less errors

▶️ lowest buffering time


And also still many nice features:

⚙️ Adjustable quality and rapidity: give your clients the choice to select which definition and which quality they want for their videos

🌎 Multi-languages: add as many subtitles as you want or multi-audio tracks

💻 Picture in Picture: the video remains visible on your page regardless of the navigation on the page or in other pages of the browser. Pretty useful for the people willing to keep on surfing and listening to the video at the same time! Know more here

📺 Chromecast & Airplay: your clients can watch their videos on their TVs through  Chromecast or Airplay technology

🤑 Server-Side Ad Insertion:  this helps you to make sure your ads or sponsoring video get through adblockers.

🎧 Mini-player for audio: If you have music and podcast, don’t worry we offer an awesome mini-player that sticks at the bottom of your screen (and it works alike for Video!)

✅ Display VR contents!

😀 And still compatible with our “Resume Watching” or “My list” features


Contact us for more at hello@okast.tv 🙂

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