Despite the constant fears of cord-cutting from the traditional pay-TV industry, Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) research has revealed that the fundamental dynamic of the US over-the-top (OTT) market is a matter of addition, not subtraction.
VAB OTTreport 29Mar2018The You Down with OTT? report underlines the constant trend of consumers’ voracious appetite for video content, especially for premium multi-platform TV. With 820 million connected video devices in the US, the study found that viewers were satisfying their cravings for quality programming anywhere, anytime through a growing selection of devices and streaming services.

To this end, the survey found that currently, nearly three-quarters (71%) of Internet users took advantage of an OTT-service at least once a month while 70% also had a multi-channel subscription. That said, the VAB report also noted that the number of US households using only OTT streaming devices and services has nearly tripled since 2013 and that such OTT-only growth represents 14.1 million homes or 11% of US TV households. VAB though put this into context by adding that there were 90.3 million US multichannel households, …….


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