If you have a streaming platform or a VOD site, you will need to attract (qualified) traffic that you can convert into clients (or SVOD subscribers).

Conversion is a very important issue that we’ll see another time. For now, let’s focus on 6 different techniques to grow your audience and give visibility to your streaming video platform.


1 – SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of techniques allowing to improve the positioning of a site in the search engines. In the majority of countries, Google dominates the market with nearly 9 searches out of 10 made on the engine. Being on the first page of Google results on a specific expression or keywords will guarantee you qualified traffic, it is thus essential to optimize its referencing.

Working on your SEO is long and complicated, and requires to optimize several factors:

  • “On Site” optimization of your platform for search engines (tags, keywords, loading speed of your platform etc…). On OKAST, our platforms are SEO friendly and we did work a lot to deliver the best “on site” optimizations. Of course there are factors that need to be optimized from your side, such as using the good keywords on your pages or providing interesting information and quality content on the different pages of your VOD platform. To increase your On Site SEO, some techniques such as writing some blog posts (see part 2) are extremely effective.
  • The “Off Page” will help you build the authority of your online platform: the traffic, the attractiveness of your content, external links that point to your streaming platform (if you have partners or external websites with a big authority displaying backlinks redirecting to your platform, you will have even better results).


  • On average, 33% of people coming on a platform comes from SEO.

2 – BLOG

The blog is a must for traffic acquisition. It allows you to feed your platform with relevant content for your audience, and thus give you greater credibility in your field. For example, you can review content (feature films, documentaries, web-series, lifestyle video etc…) on your platform or talk actors, film makers, cinema industry etc…. Put yourself in the shoes of your audience, and ask yourself what kind of query they might type on Google. Then produce content that meets that demand!

Don’t forget to include the relevant keywords that define your video content offering, in order to show search engines what your theme is.

  • 70% of users learn more about a company through articles than through advertising
  • Companies that have a blog benefit from 97% more links to their site, and 4 times more pages indexed by Google.


Social networks remain an excellent way to acquire traffic. Focus on the best social networks for your videos. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as more specialized media to generate qualified traffic.

Social networks are used by many consumers to search for a product, a type of content, information… It would be a shame to miss that 😉

  • 42% of French people say they are influenced by social networks in their purchasing behaviour.
  • 30% of Internet users are more interested in offers when they are posted by friends.
  • 64% of web users consult other users’ opinions before subscribing to a platform

4 – Mobile

It is the audience acquisition tool that has been on the rise in recent years. First, because usage is making more and more people watch video content on mobile phones. Secondly because the marketing tools allowed with the mobile (SMS, push notification, application, etc.) are among the most effective (more than 90% of opening rate for SMS campaigns). Using them remains an ultra efficient and not so expensive way to acquire an audience and convert them to subscribers.

Note: not having a responsive VOD platform can, in addition to ruin the user experience, penalize its SEO. Mobile applications are also a real plus, for push notification but also for being found in stores and benefit from “in-app payment” (this increases your conversion).

And we’ve got you covered: with OKAST you can create iPhone & Android mobile applications for your platform (and with FlameFy we provide you with automated marketing tools to make push notifications).

This distribution and communication channel is therefore certainly not to be neglected.

  • 95% of mobile users use their smartphones to surf the Internet.
  • 61% of them tend to leave a website that is not mobile-friendly.
  • New opportunity: Mobile now represents 10% of digital advertising investments


Email marketing remains one of the most useful tools for communication and traffic acquisition. Don’t hesitate to send some regularly to promote your latest content or new features on your platform and generate interest and excitement. Obviously the use of email marketing is not limited to making newsletters, it must be integrated as a real sales tool, by offering email sequences to your prospects which have not yet subscribed to your platform. Or to personalize email sequences to your audience that has not returned to your platform for some time etc….

Thanks to FlameFy we can automate a large number of marketing actions according to the behaviour of your users, in particular to fight against churn. Contact us for more information.

  • 66% of Internet users have made online purchases through promotional emails
  • Consumers are not resistant to this type of tool because 27% of consumers want their favorite businesses to invest more in email marketing and 79% say receiving email promotions has motivated them to subscribe to other emailing campaigns.


In a declining global advertising market, the only segment still growing is digital. In France, for example, this share reaches 22% of advertising budgets. There are mainly 2 types of advertising to acquire traffic: search (sponsored link) & display (video or banner ads)

  • The “Search” segment remains the most important segment of digital advertising: 58% market share.
  • Display” grew by 4% to 394 million dollars (27% of the online advertising market).

There are 2 main levers to master: Google Adwords and Facebook&Instagram Ads. These two types of advertising will allow you to quickly increase your visibility and find qualified prospects at fairly reduced costs. The targeting possibilities are incredible and the start-up budgets are accessible to everyone. To learn more, download our guide.

Our video platforms integrate Facebook and Google Ads pixels, allowing you to retarget people who have already interact with your content.

  • A study conducted by Google shows that associating Adwords with SEO techniques brings 50% more traffic to your site.

Our 2 solutions, OKAST and FlameFy have been designed to optimize all these techniques:

OKAST because it allows to propose optimized platforms for referencing and advertising.

And FlameFy because it integrates automated marketing tools to develop your online audience on all these channels.

This article is only an overview of some marketing tools you can use, if you want to know more we have created a free guide to download. See you here

We are not only platform publishers, we are also marketing experts adapted to VOD platforms and streaming services. Come and talk with us: info@flamefy.com or hello@okast.tv