“The Nasties” is the first comedy about online dating sites. An event 2.0 from its creation to its distribution! A model far from the traditional ways of production company with E-Cinema release.


Young filmmakers Thibault Turcas and Nicolas Vert have an idea about an unseen topic : a Comedy 2.0 on Dating websites. After investing their own money, they have started a crowdfunding campaign that has attracted 58 co-producers and gathered more than € 5000 for the post-production of the film.


The Nasties decided to distribute their film themselves in order to keep control of their project and avoid the too many intermediaries. OKAST is the only French tool allowing creation of flexible VOD offers and also different kind of content: movie alone, or with bonus: making of, soundtrack, and even merchandising for the fans!


Flamefy is an insightful audience activator that relies on the power of the big data. By partnering together, we were able to set up a disrupting trick: before even the release of the film, thanks to data from social networks, web browsing and video playback, we were able to target and reach a specific audience that could be potentially interested in the movie.

With our complementary expertise of distribution and promotion online, we are hoping to offer a new horizon for all creators who want to distribute video content.

Offering bonuses and Deluxe material increases margins related to digital exploitation of a video content and allows to extend the overall experience! OKAST ensures a direct link between a creator and his fans, and surfs on the collaborative economy to build a real audience around video content.

Why watch “The NASTIES” in VOD (if it isn’t already done ;))?

  • To support

They have put their heart, their time and their money for a project they believe in and were passionate about. Rent or buy the movie via OKAST helps them directly to support their work and allows them to start new exciting projects (because they keep 90% of revenues).

  • It’s a generational film

The film is about a generation, not through the eyes of people more older but well through this same generation. It is sincere and honest. It’s about new codes in love.

  • A model that meets the current uses

By its mode of funding and especially broadcast, the film fits into the new consumption ways for cultural contents which allows everyone passionated and motivated to realize its project and broadcast it.

  • Because it’s funny!

The film is a success : funny, crazy, you’ll have a good time! Promise !

If you want to set up a global OKAST + Flamefy strategy, contact us at hello@okast.tv

The OKAST Team

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