Creating a marketing plan for the launch of video content (film, series, web series, documentary etc.) is crucial for the success of your project in VOD.

Marketing strategy does not mean having a specific budget! Internet and social networks offer incredible (and free) tools to promote your content to a receptive and qualified audience.

Analyzing the use case of the independant movie “The Nasties” for which communication plan was conducted in 3 steps, orchestrated around its release date (1 / before 2 / 3 during / after)
We put forward in the interactive timeline below some actions promo and particularly effective strategies. This is obviously not an exhaustive view of all of the levers used by the film crew (but feel free to consult the various social networks of the film to complete our way, especially as the team has no lack of inspiration to make talk of the film).

Click here to see the interactive timeline 



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